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фестиваль --товары для людей с потерями слуха и зрения --интернет магазин

пульт для Oticon Remote Control 2.0

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модель RC-2A
совместим : Alta2 Pro, Alta2, Nera2 Pro, Nera2, Ria2 Pro, Ria2, Alta Pro, Alta, Nera Pro, Nera, Ria Pro, Ria, Intiga (RITE), Agil Pro, Agil, Acto Pro, Acto, Ino Pro, Chili SP9, Chili SP7, Chili SP5, Dynamo (4,6,8,10), Epoq XW, Epoq W, Epoq V, Vigo Pro Connect, Vigo Connect, Dual XW, Dual W, Dual V, Spirit Synergy, Spirit Zest Plus, Spirit Zest Communicate, Safari 900, Safari 600, Sensei, Sensei Pro, H160v2Ti, and Synergy Sense. Excepting: CIC, CIC Power, MIC, MIC Power and ITC Power products.

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